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Korea-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (KSFTA)

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Insurance and insurance-related services

(i) direct insurance (including co-insurance):

(A) life

(B) non-life

(ii) reinsurance and retrocession;

(iii) insurance intermediation, such as brokerage and agency;

(iv) services auxiliary to insurance, such as consultancy, actuarial, risk assessment and claim settlement services.

Banking and other financial services (excluding insurance)

(v) acceptance of deposits and other repayable funds from the public;

(vi) lending of all types, including consumer credit, mortgage credit, factoring and financing of commercial transaction;

(vii) financial leasing;

(viii) all payment and money transmission services, including credit, charge and debit cards, travelers cheques and bankers drafts;

(ix) guarantees and commitments;

(x) trading for own account or for account of customers, whether on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following:

(A) money market instruments (including cheques, bills, certificates of deposits);

(B) foreign exchange;

(C) derivative products including, but not limited to, futures and options;

(D) exchange rate and interest rate instruments, including products such as swaps, forward rate agreements;

(E) transferable securities;

(F) other negotiable instruments and financial assets, including bullion;

(xi) participation in issues of all kinds of securities, including underwriting and


placement as agent (whether publicly or privately) and provision of services related to such issues;

(xii) money broking;

(xiii) asset management, such as cash or portfolio management, all forms of collective investment management, pension fund management, custodial, depository and trust services;

(xiv) settlement and clearing services for financial assets, including securities, derivative products, and other negotiable instruments;

(xv) provision and transfer of financial information, and financial data processing and related software by suppliers of other financial services;

(xvi) advisory, intermediation and other auxiliary financial services on all the activities listed in subparagraphs (v) through (xv), including credit reference and analysis, investment and portfolio research and advice, advice on acquisitions and on corporate restructuring and strategy.