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India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

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Annex 6 A


Horizontal Limitation

In all Groups / Classes / Sub-classes, the commitment is for full National Treatment except for :

(1) Sub-sectors at 5-digit level which cover items requiring Industrial Licensing under the Industries (Development & Regulation) Act, 1951, or

(2) Where a joint-venture or technology transfer/trademark agreement existed on

12.1.2005 in the ‘same’ filed; or

(3) For transfer of equity in an existing company to the investor of the other party where Security & Exchange Board of India (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997 as amended, is attracted, or

(4) For investments by registered Foreign Institutional Investors, including Portfolio investments.

Group Class Sub-


Description FDI

Cap in


Division 15: Manufacture of food products and beverages

  1. Production, processing and preservation of meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats.
  2. 1520 Manufacture of dairy product [production of raw milk

is classified in class 0121]

  1. Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products and prepared animal feeds




  1. ` 100
  1. Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters


Division 17: Manufacture of textiles



Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles 100
Manufacture of other textiles 100

173 1730 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted fabrics and articles


Division 18: Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of fur

181 1810 Manufacture of wearing apparel, except fur apparel

[this class includes manufacture of wearing apparel made of material not made in the same unit. Both regular and contract activities are included]

182 1820 Dressing and dyeing of fur; manufacture of articles of fur




Division 19: Tanning and dressing of leather; Manufacture of luggage, handbags

saddlery, harness and footwear

  1. Tanning and dressing of leather, manufacture of

luggage handbags, saddlery and harness


192 1920 Manufacture of footwear 100

Division 20: Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except

furniture; Manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting materials

201 2010 Saw milling and planing of wood 100

  1. Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and

plaiting materials

Division 21: Manufacture of paper and paper products


  1. Manufacture of paper and paper products 100

Division 22: Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media

  1. Printing and service activities related to printing 100

223 2230 22300 Reproduction of recorded media [This class includes reproduction of records, audio, video and computer tapes from master copies, reproduction of floppy, hard or compact disks, reproduction of non-customised software and film duplicating]


Division 23: Manufacture of coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel

231 2310 Manufacture of coke oven products [This class

includes the operation of coke ovens chiefly for the production of coke or semi-coke from hard coal and lignite, retort carbon and residual products such as coal tar or pitch. Agglomeration of coke.

232 2320 Manufacture of refined petroleum products

(I) Private sector companies

Division 24: Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products



  1. Manufacture of basic chemicals 100
  2. Manufacture of other chemical products 100

243 2430 Manufacture of man-made fibers [This class includes

manufacture of artificial or synthetic filament and non-filament fibers]

Division 25: Manufacture of rubber and plastic products


Manufacture of rubber products
252 2520
Manufacture of plastic products

Division 26: Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products

261 2610
Manufacture of glass and glass products
Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.

Division 27: Manufacture of basic metals

271 2710 Manufacture of Basic Iron and Steel 100

272 2720 Manufacture of basic precious and non-ferrous metals 100

  1. Casting of metals [This group includes casting finished or semi-finished products producing a variety



of goods, all characteristic of other activity classes]

Division 28: Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and


  1. Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks,

reservoirs and steam generators except 28132 relating to manufacture of nuclear reactors for all purposes.

  1. Manufacture of other fabricated metal products; metal working service activities

Division 29: Manufacture of machinery and equipment N.E.C.



  1. Manufacture of general purpose machinery 100
  1. Manufacture of special purpose machinery except

29270 relating to manufacture of weapons and ammunitions


293 2930 Manufacture of domestic appliances n.e.c. 100

Division 30: Manufacture of office, accounting and computing machinery

300 3000 Manufacture of office, accounting and computing


Division 31: Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and apparatus n.e.c.

311 3110 Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers

312 3120 31200 Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus: [electrical apparatus for switching or protecting electrical circuits (e.g. switches, fuses, voltage limiters, surge suppressors, junction boxes etc.) for a voltage exceeding 1000 volts

313 3130 31300 Manufacture of insulated wire and cable: [insulated

(including enameled or anodised) wire, cable

(including coaxial cable) and other insulated conductors; insulated strip as is used in large capacity machines or control equipment; and optical fibre cable

314 3140 Manufacture of accumulators, primary cells and primary batteries






315 3150 Manufacture of electric lamps and lighting equipment 100

319 3190 Manufacture of other electrical equipment n.e.c. 100

Division 32: Manufacture of Radio, Television and Communication equipment and


321 3210 Manufacture of electronic valves and tubes and other electronic components

322 3220 Manufacture of television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy

323 3230 Manufacture of television and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus and associated goods





Division 33: Manufacture of Medical, Precision and Optical Instruments, Watches

and Clocks

  1. Manufacture of medical appliances and instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating and other purposes except optical instruments except 33124 relating to manufacture of radar apparatus and radio remote control apparatus.

332 3320 Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment



333 3330 Manufacture of watches and clocks 100

Division 34: Manufacture of Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers

341 3410 Manufacture of motor vehicles 100

342 3420 Manufacture of bodies (coach work) for motor vehicles; Manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers

343 3430 34300 Manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their engines [brakes, gear boxes, axles, road wheels, suspension shock absorbers, radiators, silencers, exhaust pipes, clutches, steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes and other pa



Division 35: Manufacture of other Transport Equipment

Building and repair of ships and boats
Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.

Division 36: Manufacture of Furniture, Manufacturing n.e.c.

361 3610
Manufacture of furniture
Manufacture n.e.c.

Other Activities: Development of township, housing, built-up infrastructure and

construction development projects

Investment in the development of townships, housing,

built-up infrastructure and construction-development projects (which would include, but not restricted to, housing, commercial premises, hotels, resorts, hospital, educational institutions, recreational facilities, city and regional-level infrastructure) subject to the following conditions:

  1. Minimum area to be developed under each project:


a. In case of development of serviced housing plots, a minimum land area of 10 hectares under each project.

b. In case of construction-development projects, a minimum of 50,000 sq. mts. under each project.


c. In case of a combination project, any one

of the above two conditions would suffice. ii. Minimum capitalization of US$10 million for wholly owned subsidiaries and US$5 million

for joint ventures with Indian partners. The funds would have to be brought in within six months of commencement of business of the Company.

  1. Original investment cannot be repatriated before a period of three years from completion of minimum capitalisation. However, the investor may be permitted to exit earlier with prior approval of the Government.
  2. At least 50% of the project must be developed within a period of five years from the date of obtaining all statutory clearances. The investor would not be permitted to sell undeveloped plots.

“Undeveloped plots” will mean where roads, water supply, street lighting, drainage, sewerage, public works and other conveniences have not been made available. It will be necessary that the investor provides this infrastructure and obtains ‘completion certificate’ from the concerned local body/ service agency before he would be allowed to dispose of serviced housing plots.

(a) Note 1: n.e.c. means not elsewhere classified


  1. This Schedule is based on ISIC Classification 1998. In this classification system there are three levels of classification:
3-digit level
4-digit level
5-digit level

  1. In case sectors are listed at the 4 digit (Class) level or 5 digit (sub-class) level, this

Schedule covers only the lowest level mentioned in that category.