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India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement

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  1. Recognising that co-operation in media may offer avenues for economic and cultural exchanges and strengthening ties between the Parties, they shall promote co- operation in media for mutual benefit through:

(a) leveraging on each other’s competitive strengths to develop content and services for the global market; and

(b) sharing experiences and approaches to media policy and development, particularly for emerging media, services and technologies which may raise new regulatory issues.

  1. Possible areas of cooperation include:

(a) exchange of views and information on media developments and policy:

(i) policy and regulatory framework for emerging media services, such

as digital media and convergent services, and other issues concerning the media industry such as intellectual property rights laws;

(ii) approaches to regulation, e.g. industry self-regulation, codes of practice, advisory committees, and mechanisms for understanding public needs and interests in the media; and

(iii) mechanisms for promoting private sector activities in areas such as content production and distribution;

(b) digital media – both Parties may facilitate exchange of views and learning from each other’s experience in digital media (particularly animation), also including facilitating of industry cooperation in these areas;

(c) education and training of media executives (e.g. in the areas of film, television and print media);

(d) encouraging the marketing of each other’s media content globally through platforms such as the Asia Media Festival and the Film Bazaar in India, as well as promoting the exhibition of Indian films and TV programs in Singapore and vice versa;

(e) promoting the exchange of visits and invitations to media-related events

(e.g. International Film Festival of India, Mumbai International Film Festival, and Children’s Film Festival in India, and the Singapore International Film Festival, and Broadcast Asia in Singapore, and other such events); and


(f) facilitation of exchanges to promote industry cooperation in the following areas:

(i) co-production of television/film content;

(ii) facilitating the access of Indian film makers and TV producers to make films and programs in Singapore and vice versa; and

(iii) research and development of cutting edge media technologies (e.g. Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), and Digital Television (DTV)).