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  1. Where appropriate, reservations are referenced to the Provisional Central Product Classification (CPC) as set out in Statistical Office of the United Nations Statistical Papers, Series M, No. 77, Provisional Central Product Classification, 1991

(UN CPC code).

  1. This annex sets out the reservations taken by each Party for sectors, subsectors

or activities for which it may maintain existing or adopt new measures that do not conform with obligations imposed by Articles 3 (Market Access) and 4 (National Treatment) in Chapter 7 (Trade in Services) and Article 3 (National Treatment) in Chapter 8 (Investment).

  1. The sectors, subsectors or activities to which a reservation applies shall be

stated in the Description of Reservation element. In the interpretation of a reservation, all elements of the reservation shall be considered in their totality.

  1. A National Treatment reservation includes a reservation in respect of National Treatment under Chapter 7 (Trade in Services) and Chapter 8 (Investment) unless the context or circumstances require otherwise.
  2. The reservations and commitments relating to trade in services shall be read together with the relevant guidelines, stated in GATT documents MTN.GNS/W/164 dated 3 September 1993 and MTN.GNS/W/164 Add.1 dated 30 November 1993.

Each reservation sets out the following elements:

(a) Sector refers to the general sector in which the reservation is taken;

(b) Sub-Sector refers to the specific sector in which the reservation is taken;

(c) Industry Classification refers, where applicable, to the activity covered by the reservation according to the UN CPC code or domestic industry classification codes;

(d) Type of Reservation specifies the obligation (National Treatment, Market Access) for which a reservation is taken;

(e) Description of Reservation sets out the scope of the sector, sub-sector

or activities to which the reservation applies; and

(f) Existing Measures identifies, for transparency purposes only, existing laws, regulations, rules, procedures, decisions, administrative actions or any

other forms in relation to the non-conforming measures that apply to the

sector, sub-sector or activities covered by the reservation. The measures stipulated therein are not exhaustive.