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Laws of Nepal

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Unofficial Copy Kathmandu School of Law

Chapter 11 Human Trafficking

No. 1 :Nobody is allowed to take anybody else outside the borders of Nepal or sell him/her there, enticing him/her with the purpose of selling a human. If he/she is taken to a foreign land to sell and if the one who does so is arrested before he has sold him/her, he/she will be imprisoned for ten


years , and if arrested after having sold, he/she will be imprisoned for twenty years *. If the person who buys is found inside the borders of Nepal, he/she will also be punished as equal to the one who sells.

No. 2 : Nobody is allowed to separate or entice to separate a minor under sixteen years of age or a mentally disturbed one of any age from his/her guardianship without permission of the legal guardian. If he/she is separated or enticed, the one who does so will be fined an amount upto five hundred rupees or imprisoned upto three years or be given both punishments.

No. 3 :Nobody is allowed to make anybody else his/her servant, slave or bonded labour. The one who makes anybody else a servant, slave of bonded labor will be imprisoned for 3 to ten years, and the court will also be able to have the one convicted pay appropriate compensation to the one concerned.

No. 4 : Anybody who intentionally helps to commit a crime as mentioned in No. 1J2J3 of this chapter will receive half of the punishment that the major culprit receives.

No. 5 : If a human is sold or bought in accord with No. 213 of this chapter, the amount of the buyer will not be returned and the one who sells will be fined based the amount in addition to the punishment mentioned in these numbers.

# Amended by the sixth amendment.

* Amended by the act to amend some Nepal acts, 1991.

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