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Laws of the Republic of Korea

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Fosterage of the Academy of Korean Studies Act

[Enforcement: Feb. 29, 2008] [Act No. 8852, Feb. 29, 2008, Amendment of Other Act] Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Humanities and Social Science Research Division) 02-2100-6881~82

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Act is to protect and foster the Academy of Korean Studies that was established to promote Korean studies through in-depth studies and education of Korean culture and thereby to contribute to the promotion of the national culture. [Wholly Amended on Jan. 27, 2005]

Article 2 (Contribution)

(1) The state or local governments may grant subsidies to the Academy of Korean Studies (hereinafter referred to as the "Academy") to make up for expenses necessary for basic facilities, equipment and operation of the Academy.

(2) Matters necessary for the grant, use and management of subsidies under paragraph (1) shall be prescribed by the Presidential Decree. (3) Individuals, corporations or organizations may grant money or other properties to the Academy to support operations of the institution. Article 3 (Lending of State and Public Properties) (1) The state or local governments may, notwithstanding the provisions of the State Properties Act or the Local Finance Act, gratis lend or transfer to the Academy the state or public properties necessary for the establishment and fosterage of the Academy or allow the Academy to use such properties or receive benefits from such properties gratuitously.

(2) Matters necessary with respect to the contents, conditions and procedures for gratuitous lending or transfer of the state or public properties, or grant of gratuitous use of or receiving benefits from such properties under paragraph (1) shall be prescribed by the Presidential Decree.

Article 4 (Dispatch of Research Staff)

(1) The Academy may, if it is necessary to accomplish its objectives, request the state, local governments, educational institutions or research institutions to dispatch research staff, etc. through the Minister of Education, Science and Technology. (2) The heads of institutions or organizations requested under the provisions of paragraph (1) may dispatch their staff to the Academy after consultation with the Academy.

(3) Any person who is dispatched under paragraph (2) shall be deemed to work at the institution to which he/she originally belongs while he/she works at the Academy, and shall not be disadvantaged for reason of the dispatch. Article 5 (Provision of Data, etc.)

(1) The Academy may request the state and public organizations, educational institutions and research organizations to deliver it research papers, written investigations, reports, publications and other materials concerned with humanities and social sciences. In this case, the institutions so requested shall deliver the Academy two (2) copies of the materials respectively, unless there is particular reason not to do so. (2) The Academy may request any person who owns rare articles, such as old books, that are necessary for its research to let it read or make a copy of them. In this case, the person so requested shall comply with the request, unless there is particular reason not to do so.

(3) The Academy shall, when it has been requested by the person who has provided materials under the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2), pay the person a reasonable price.

(4) Materials that have been provided to the Academy under the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) shall not be used for purposes other than research. Article 6 (Establishment, etc. of Graduate School) (1) The Academy may, if necessary for the fosterage of the talented to study Korean culture, establish a graduate school at the Academy with the authorization of the Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

(2) The provisions of the Education Act and statutes attached to it shall apply to matters concerned with qualification for admittance to, faculty, curriculum and conferment of the degree of the graduate school established under paragraph (1). In this case, "the presidents of universities" shall be deemed to read "the president of the Academy".

Article 7 (Business Plan)

The Academy shall make a business plan and a budget bill for each fiscal year and submit it to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology. The same shall apply to the alteration of them.

Article 8 (Statement of Accounts)

The Academy shall submit the statement of accounts for revenues and expenditures for each fiscal year accompanied with the record of business performance for the year by the end of March of the following year to the Minister of Education, Science and Technology. Article 9 (Prohibition of Use of Similar Names)

Any person who is not the Academy shall not use the name, "the Academy of Korean Studies" or names similar thereto. Article 10 (Use of Facilities, etc. of the Academy) (1) The Academy may allow the state, public organizations, educational institutions or research organizations to use its facilities, etc. for the purpose of research, education, training or practice within the scope not impeding upon its business. (2) The Academy may be, when its facilities, etc. is used by other institutions and organizations under paragraph (1), deemed to be an educational, training or research institution under other statutes.

Article 11 (Penal Provision)

Any person who violates Article 9 shall be sentenced to a fine not exceeding 500,000 won.

Article 12: Deleted

SUPPLEMENTARY PROVISIONS Article 1 (Enforcement Date)

This Act shall enter into force on the date of its promulgation. (Omitted) Provided, that parts of the Acts that are amended under Article 6 of this Supplementary Provisions shall enter into force when the enforcement date of such Acts arrives although such Acts were promulgated before the enforcement of this Act. Articles 2 through 5: Omitted

Article 6 (Amendment of Other Acts)

(1) through <117>: Omitted

<118> Part of the Fosterage of Korean Studies is amended as follows: The term "the Minister of Education and Human Resources" in Articles 4 (1), 6 (1), in the first part of 7 and 8 shall be amended to "the Minister of Education, Science and Technology".

<119> through <760>: Omitted

Article 7: Omitted

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