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Laws of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

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(Promulgated by the Administrative Council
on __, __ 1994)






ISSUE-DATE: __/__/1994

IMPLEMENT-DATE: __/__/1994

LENGTH: 945 words


Chapter I Basis of the Fish Breeding Law

Chapter I notes the aims and purposes of the law and principles to be adhered to in fish breeding.

The law is aimed at contributing toward boosting fish culture business and upgrading the people's living by thoroughly establishing a system and order in the management of fish culture zones, for the creation of marine resources and environmental protection.

Since the law accurately defines the unique character and purpose of fish farming, it will serve as state s and party s means of increasing investment in this business and constructing and expanding fish culture zones on a large scale.

Chapter I stipulates that preference be given to the creation of marine resources, fish farming be normalized on a high level in accordance with the people's demand, and that education in protecting marine resources be spread and intensified among the masses of people.

It also stipulates that scientific and technological problems related to the development of fish-raising business be settled, able technical staff in this field be trained and that exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and international organizations be enlarged.

This regulation provides a legal guarantee for fulfilling the demand of the people for marine products, protecting marine resources and developing science and technology in this field.

Chapter II Management of Fish Culture Zones

Chapter II specifies matters concerning research on and allotment of management works and utilization of fish culture zones.

Fish culture is impossible without the existence of water areas, which smoothly guarantee biological conditions for marine products.

What is important in managing fish culture zones is to do an accurate scientific research on the zones classified by regions and water areas, to correctly allot the management work for the zones and to promote the construction of fish beds and effective utilization of fish-farming water areas.

Chapter II provides a guarantee for further boosting fish breeding business by establishing order in the management of fish culture zones.

Chapter III Creation of Marine Resources

Chapter III specifies procedures and order related to the creation of marine resources.

Creation of marine resources is an essential prerequisite of fish raising business and a precondition for an increase in the production of marine products.

It stipulates that a State planning organ should set up a correct creation plan and that a central guiding organ and scientific institute concerning fish breeding should preserve the pure species of marine products and study and develop them into highly productive varieties suitable for local climate.

The law provides a legal guarantee for scientifically creating marine resources and increasing marine products.

All the activists and workers should thoroughly defend order established in managing fish culture zones and in creating marine resources so that rivers, lakes and ponds and water reservoirs of our fatherland may be filled with fish.

Chapter IV Production of Marine Products

Chapter IV lays down principles, procedures and methods concerning the tasks of producing, reserving and supplying marine products.

It specifies such principles to be adhered to as are related to the requirements that marine products be cultivated intensively and by a three-dimensional method, that its production per unit be increased, that kind-wise production capabilities be correctly calculated, and that production plans for marine products be drawn and implemented.

These regulations allow producers to select species of fish in accordance with their living customs and the regional characters of marine products, and to enhance the utilization rate of fish beds and increase its production per unit.

The law stresses that production of marine resources can be managed by fish-breeding enterprises as well as by organs, enterprises and groups concerned and that production conditions should be accurately recorded, and that related facilities and production methods be modernized.

This provides a legal guarantee for enhancing the responsibility and role of production organs, which produce marine products in a planned way and offer fresh fish to the people.

Chapter V Protection of Marine Resources

Chapter V specifies rules that organs, enterprises, groups and citizens are required to abide by in protecting marine resources.

Protection of marine resources is an essential prerequisite to fish-breeding business. Construction of many fish beds and creation of marine resources without protection activities will not bear proper fruit.

Starting from this demand, the law stipulates that a protection period of marine production resources be determined, species of fish under protection be designated, types of fishing tools and fishing methods be correctly selected, and blockades and regular courses for fish be constructed in fish culture zones.

It also notes that organs, enterprises, groups and citizens should not throw into fish-breeding water areas materials, as may contaminate items, and that fishermen keep established fishing rules.

The contents regulated in Chapter V provide a legal guarantee for the protection of marine resources and an increase in production and supply of fish for the people in accordance with the demand of fish-raising business.

Chapter VI Guidance in and Control on Fish Breeding Business

Chapter VI stipulates matters concerning guidance in and supervisory control on fish-breeding business.

A central guidance organ concerning fish breeding should accurately grasp the situation of fish-raising business throughout the nation, take disease preventive measures for fish, breed microorganisms, and guarantee required labor supply, facilities, materials and funds.

This stipulation provides a legal guarantee for an accurate implementation of State fish-raising policy.

All the activists and workers should bring about a new upsurge in fish-farming business by correctly recognizing and thoroughly implementing the Fish Breeding Law.

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